Terms & Scholarship Amount

El Dorado Promise provides up to five years of funds for undergraduate post-secondary education for students entering college immediately following high school (unless interrupted by military service).  Originally limited to tuition and mandatory fees, students enrolled in the Promise program now have the option to apply Promise funds for other college expenses such as on-campus room and board, books and additional fees. 

The El Dorado Promise maximum is set by the maximum level resident tuition payable at an Arkansas public university.

Scholarship amounts will be paid based on length of attendance in the El Dorado Public School District. For example, graduates who attend all 13 years at EPS will receive 100 percent of the scholarship (See sidebar).

Funds from the El Dorado Promise are paid directly to the educational institution. 

El Dorado Promise cannot be used to earn a technical degree or certificate or for attending Graduate School.  Only students pursuing a two-year associate’s degree or a four-year bachelor’s degree are qualified for the program.

Length of Attendance Benefit
K-12 100%
1-12 95%
2-12 95%
3-12 95%
4-12 90%
5-12 85%
6-12 80%
7-12 75%
8-12 70%
9-12 65%
10-12 None
11-12 None
12 None