Scott Watkins

“I lived in Dallas for eight years. I moved there because I am musician. I started my career with the Dallas symphony and worked there for four years.

While I was in Dallas, I wanted new opportunities. El Dorado was one of those opportunities, but Tulsa was on the top of the list. We had the opportunity to check out El Dorado, and we had no clue what it would be like. The first thing we noticed when we drove here were the incredible trees across the Texas border. We knew that El Dorado would be a town where our quality of life, as a family, would improve. Even though I was still in negotiations to move to Tulsa, the tipping point for me was the El Dorado Promise.

We have five children and we are looking ahead. We realized how much college costs have increased. We really wanted to invest in our children’s future, as well as our own. This decision has really improved all of our lives. We’ve done the math; the El Dorado Promise would cover at least $300,000 for our children’s education.”

Scott Watkins

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