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El Dorado, Arkansas

Moving to El Dorado, Arkansas is a great choice for both individuals and families alike. Located just north of the Louisiana border, El Dorado has transformed from one of the nation’s original oil boomtowns into a charming city that is rich in history and with no shortage of hospitality, entertainment and professional opportunities.


When families choose El Dorado as their new home, they certainly appreciate the family-friendly atmosphere of the city, but the community’s unique El Dorado School District scholarship is certainly a determining factor, ensuring that their children will have access to higher education opportunities.

Our City’s History

El Dorado, in Southern Arkansas, is Arkansas’ Original Boomtown, thanks to the 1920s oil rush that brought 30,000 people to the region. Today, the city’s revitalized historic downtown is home to local originals, including independently envisioned/owned/operated restaurants, shops, hotel, health center, and festivals. El Dorado personifies the spirit of the American South: a revitalized downtown full of one-of-a kind dining, retail and festival experiences; big business who still invests in the town’s redevelopment and prosperity; and a resilient population with faith in the future thanks to the “El Dorado Promise”. El Dorado welcomes “home” those passionate to preserve and savor a classic American way of life.

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El Dorado and Union County have evolved from an oil town into an area rich in southern charm and history.

Choose El Dorado High School to unlock opportunities for your children

Enrollment in small, local school districts across the country tends to ebb and flow. School of choice policies now give students and their families more options when it comes to education.

However, the schools in El Dorado, Arkansas have seen a revitalization of sorts (complete with a brand new high school as of 2011), and part of that can be attributed to the El Dorado Promise.

This place-based scholarship program awards El Dorado High School graduates with scholarship money to be applied to a two- or four-year college or university anywhere in the country regardless of the student’s financial situation or academic merits. The Promise has led to higher enrollment, a stronger focus on college preparedness and a sense of community amongst residents.

Moving to El Dorado, Arkansas means joining a thriving community

There is a lot to love about El Dorado, but none more than the sense of community that it has fostered. It provides the small-town feel where neighbors get to know each other, paired with a thriving, tourist destination that is never without action.

Further explore the El Dorado School District scholarship and other great benefits of this town 

If you’re considering moving to El Dorado, Arkansas, we invite you to take a close look at the many great things the town has to offer. It just might be the best spot for you or your family to call home.