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Living in El Dorado, Arkansas

Cost of living in El Dorado Arkansas is one of the many things that individuals and families think about if they are considering a move to this charming city in southern Arkansas. Not only that, but potential residents want to know that their kids can get a quality education and that there is no shortage of amenities and entertaining things to do.
Continue reading below for a brief overview on life in El Dorado.

Demographics in El Dorado

As one of the country’s original oil boomtowns, the population in El Dorado certainly ebbed and flowed throughout history. The most current data pegged El Dorado’s population at 18,030 and 95 percent of that population lives in urban centers.


Of the total population, 51.9 percent are female while 48.1 percent are male. The median resident age of El Dorado is 36 years old, which is two years younger than the average of the rest of the state.


When it comes to income, the median household income in El Dorado sits at $39,119.

Enjoy lower cost of living in El Dorado Arkansas

Another draw to this eclectic, vibrant city is that it is accessible for individuals and families from a financial standpoint. When it comes to the cost of living index, El Dorado scores a 79.2.

The average index score in the United States is 100. This shows that you can enjoy a healthy quality of life in El Dorado without extreme wealth. The El Dorado employment rate would suggest that the local job market might be a little harder to come by compared to the rest of the country (5.5 percent unemployment vs. 3.9 percent national average), but the city is still brimming with professional opportunities.

Popular industries include health care/social assistance, retail trade and manufacturing, while El Dorado features a number of helpful resources for entrepreneurs.

Moving to El Dorado can be the right move for you and your family

From the modest cost of living in El Dorado Arkansas to beautiful scenery, vibrant community, and outstanding school district, your new home is waiting in El Dorado!