Do you have questions about the El Dorado Promise? Here you will find our top frequently asked questions about the El Dorado Promise. If you have additional questions, reach out to us via our Contact page.


Victoria Davis, EHS 2013
Arkansas State University 2016.

What are the Terms of the Scholarship?

The El Dorado Promise provides up to five years of tuition and mandatory fees for post-secondary undergraduate education for eligible El Dorado High School graduates entering an accredited college or university immediately following graduation from high school (unless deferred by military service).

Is El Dorado Promise Need-Based?


What is the Amount of the Scholarship?

Tuition and mandatory fees will be paid based on the cost of the education institution the student is attending.  The maximum payable is set by the highest annual resident tuition at an Arkansas public university (as of the 2012/2013 school year, the highest tuition rate in the state was $7,332 for a student taking 30 credit hours per year).

How is the Amount of Scholarship Determined?

Scholarship amounts will be paid based on length of attendance in the El Dorado Public School District. For example, graduates who attend all 13 years at EPS will receive 100 percent of the scholarship. See chart below.

Length of Attendance Benefit
K-12 100%
K-12 100%
1-12 95%
2-12 95%
3-12 95%
4-12 90%
5-12 85%
6-12 80%
7-12 75%
8-12 70%
9-12 65%
10-12 None
11-12 None
12 None


What Are the Requirements for Maintaining Eligibility?

To participate in the program:

  1. Must be admitted to and enrolled at a two- or four-year college or university accredited by one of the U.S.’s six regional accrediting bodies.
  2. Must be making progress toward a bachelor’s or associate’s degree.
  3. Maintain at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average at a post-secondary institution.
  4. Enroll in a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester, and complete at least 24 credit hours each academic year.

Can This Be Used to Get a Technical Degree/Certification?

No. El Dorado Promise recipients must be working toward an associate’s or bachelor’s degree at a college or university accredited by one of the U.S’s six regional accrediting bodies.

How Do I Find Out if the School I Want to Attend is Accredited?

Here are the six regional accrediting organizations listed by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation:

  1. Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools
  2. New England Association of Colleges and Schools
  3. North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
  4. Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities
  5. Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
  6. Western Association of Schools and Colleges

You can ensure that the educational institution you want to attend is accredited by one of these agencies by going to www.collegeboard.com, entering the school name, and viewing the school’s profile.

When are Applications Due?

Applications should be completed during the student’s senior year.

Does the El Dorado Promise Scholarship pay for summer school?

No.  The scholarship will cover the fall and spring semesters each year.  Students attending summer school will be responsible for paying tuition during summer sessions.

Can I Still Get the Promise Funds if I Have an Additional Tuition Scholarship?

If you are awarded a tuition scholarship in addition to the Promise, you may opt to use your Promise funds (based on tuition and mandatory fees) for other expenses on your college invoice.  For example, the Promise funds may be used for room, board, additional fees, and books.  These expenses must be on the invoice sent from the educational institution.  Excess will not be refunded or paid in cash to students.

How Will Funds Be Distributed?

Funds will be paid directly to the educational institution upon receipt of an invoice each semester.

How is the El Dorado Promise Scholarship Funded?

Murphy Oil Corporation created the Promise to give El Dorado students an additional opportunity to pursue higher education. Murphy Oil Corporation will provide 100 percent of the Promise scholarship funds.