Pay It Forward

The first day after Christmas break each year, before college students return to their campuses, El Dorado Promise Scholars return to EHS to share their college experiences with underclassmen. The students come to “Pay It Forward” and allow those students who are looking toward attending college in the next year to learn from their experiences. They share tips for college success, such as “get to know your professors” and “don’t think you don’t have to study just because you didn’t study in high school,” and encouragement to help the students while still in high school like, “take high school seriously, your grades really do matter and the more you learn here, the easier you will have it when you get to college.

Returning the Promise 1
Returning the Promise 2

Returning to the Promise

A group of Promise recipients have come full circle and have returned to the place where it all began. Many EHS graduates, who received the El Dorado Promise and then completed their college degree, have returned to El Dorado to work in the school district. Bringing the Promise full circle provides a unique perspective for these Promise graduates.