Our Purpose

The purpose of the El Dorado Promise is to offer students in the El Dorado School District an opportunity to pursue post-secondary education. Understanding the strong correlation between overall academic achievement and a community’s economic vitality and quality of life, the Promise is an investment in El Dorado’s greatest resource: our children.

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Victoria Davis, EHS 2013
Arkansas State University 2016.


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Increase in Enrollment

El Dorado Promise’s purpose is a multifaceted one

When this scholarship program was established in 2006, and funded by Murphy Oil Corporation through an initial investment of $50 million, the goal was to promote economic development in the city of El Dorado. What better way than to ensure all high school graduates had easy access to a quality higher education?

The El Dorado Promise’s mission became crystal clear — to provide the same opportunity for every El Dorado High School graduate regardless of his or her financial or academic standing.

By equipping these scholars with the financial resources needed to chase opportunities that could potentially bring them to every corner of the United States, we are investing in one of the town’s most precious resources: Our youth.

The benefits of the El Dorado Promise

The effects of the El Dorado Promise have been pronounced and positive for our local
community. Just some of the few positive outcomes include:

  • A higher percentage of graduates attending college
  • A newly-formed culture of college preparedness at the high school level
  • Higher enrollment for the El Dorado School District
  • Higher test scores
  • Fostering public support for a new high school campus

Not only are these indicators that the students themselves are benefitting, but the Promise has worked to enhance life in El Dorado.

How to support El Dorado Promise’s purpose

The El Dorado Promise has been a key cog in revitalizing economic growth and establishing a focus on quality education here in the local community. Other businesses might consider enhancing the efforts of The Promise by contributing their own unique resources to benefit local

For families with school-age children, one of the best ways to fulfill the Promise’s purpose is by simply taking advantage of the program. Every successful Promise graduate is considered an outstanding return on investment.

Learn more about the El Dorado Promise’s mission or fill out an application

We invite you to browse our additional literature to learn more about the El Dorado Promise’s purpose and outcomes. Also, make sure that your El Dorado High School senior is accounted for by filling out an application for the program.

El Dorado Promise

2000 Wildcat Drive, El Dorado, AR 71730
For questions about the application, call The Promise Office at 870-864-5128.