The Promise

Details of The Promise

The El Dorado Promise, funded by Murphy Oil Corporation, gives students in the El Dorado, Arkansas school district – regardless of their economic situation or academic merit – an opportunity to pursue a college degree, free of financial burden.


The El Dorado Promise awards every EHS graduate, who has been continually enrolled in the El Dorado School District since at least ninth grade, a scholarship covering tuition and mandatory fees equal to the highest in-state, public university rate.

The scholarship is renewable over five consecutive years if the student maintains a 2.0 grade point average and successfully completes 12 credit hours per semester. The El Dorado Promise can be used at any regionally accredited U.S. public or private college or university for students working toward an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

Students entering the school district after ninth grade are not eligible for the Promise.
Length of Attendance Benefit
K-12 100%
1-12 95%
2-12 95%
3-12 95%
4-12 90%
5-12 85%
6-12 80%
7-12 75%
8-12 70%
9-12 65%
10-12 none
11-12 none
12-12 none


The Promise 1

Many parents talk to their children about ‘where’ they are going to college from a young age. Thanks to Murphy Oil’s gift of the El Dorado Promise all parents of El Dorado Public School students, no matter their economic status, can talk to their children about ‘where’ they are going to college, not ‘if’ they are going to college.”

-Sylvia Thompson, El Dorado Promise Director

About our Promise

The Promise at El Dorado High School provides students with an opportunity to pursue their educational and professional goals regardless of their academic merits or current financial standing.

Established back in 2006, and funded with a $50 million donation from Murphy Oil Corporation, this unique scholarship was modeled after a similar program that is currently making a profound difference in the lives of students in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

The Promise is a scholarship for El Dorado High School graduates that covers tuition and the mandatory costs that come with attending a two- or four-year college or university anywhere in the United States. Students are only eligible for this El Dorado, Arkansas scholarship if they have been enrolled in the El Dorado School District since ninth grade or before.

A game-changing scholarship for El Dorado High School graduates

The Promise has transformed El Dorado School District’s approach to education, providing every student with the excitement that comes with virtually unlimited opportunities after high school.

Because of this El Dorado High School scholarship, the district has witnessed benefits that range from a higher rate of students going to college to better test scores and a higher enrollment. The Promise was established to enhance life in El Dorado and the lives of its residents. That impact is seen in each success story that has come of it.

Apply for The Promise at El Dorado High School

Senior year is a special year for El Dorado High School students. For those who have been in the school district before ninth grade, this is the moment that these seniors are able to sign on the dotted line, receive their scholarship money and choose the next phase of their educational careers.

The Promise has made El Dorado, and its school system, a truly special place where students have opportunities that are without boundaries. Learn more about The Promise at El Dorado High School by browsing our available literature. Applications can also be mailed to:

El Dorado Promise
2000 Wildcat Drive
El Dorado, AR 71730

El Dorado Promise

2000 Wildcat Drive, El Dorado, AR 71730
For questions about the application, call the Promise Office at 870-864-5128.