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El Dorado High School

Located on 2000 Wildcat Drive, El Dorado High School provides local students with a well- rounded education that is administered by a caring staff.

The high school is one of the many gems in the crown of the El Dorado School District, and recently underwent a major overhaul with the construction of a new facility. A beautiful building, paired with the amazing opportunity afforded to students through The El Dorado Promise scholarship, makes this a truly special place.

A cutting-edge facility for a dynamic learning experience

As one of the premiere Arkansas schools, El Dorado High School’s new home allows it to accommodate a variety of exciting programs. Complete with 95 different academic instructional spaces, just a few of the many great amenities of this school include:


  • A 6,400 square feet, 450-seat performing arts center
  • A 8,615 square feet library and media center
  • A 35,424 square feet arena with 360-degree seating and state-of-the-art sound system
  • 611 parking spaces to accomodate students and staff
  • Wireless internet access and fiber-optic technology system

From competitive sports teams to band, orchestra and AP classes — El Dorado High School is consistently recognized for its excellence on a statewide scale.

El Dorado High School 1
El Dorado High School 2

El Dorado High School students and The Promise

The El Dorado Promise is a scholarship program that has greatly enhanced the El Dorado School District.

Providing free college tuition for EHS graduates who meet requirements, The Promise was established, and is funded, by the Murphy Oil Corporation and ensures that a college education is within the grasp of every student, regardless of academic merits and financial standing.

Consider the El Dorado School District

All parents generally want the same thing for their children — a quality education, healthy social environment, and limitless opportunities. El Dorado High School offers exactly that — and more. We invite you to further explore the many great things that make this school so special.