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Why Move to El Dorado

Moving to Arkansas can provide you and your family with the perfect blend of big city living, beautiful natural scenery and down-home southern charm. And, when it comes to moving to The Natural State, El Dorado is one city that is perfect for
families. Originally an oil boomtown, El Dorado has transformed into a bustling and charming southern town with a down-home atmosphere and vibrant downtown area. It’s a joy to live and work in El Dorado, Arkansas, providing opportunities for both adult professionals and students alike.

You’ll love the schools in El Dorado, Arkansas

Many consider El Dorado to be the best city for families in Arkansas because of the revitalized school district that has grown out of a unique scholarship program called the El Dorado Promise.


Established and funded by the Murphy Oil Corporation back in 2006, the El Dorado Promise awards El Dorado High School graduates with scholarship money to cover tuition and mandatory expenses for a two- or four-year college or university anywhere in the country.


The amount of money that students are entitled to hinges on how long they’ve been in the school system. Students that advanced from kindergarten through high school receive the equivalent of the highest in-state public college or university rate. With a focus on college preparedness, El Dorado is also home to a new, state-of-the-art high school building, which was constructed in 2011 and is rich in extracurricular activities.

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Moving to Arkansas? Looking for a hotbed of culture and entertainment?

El Dorado is a bit of a diamond in the rough in this respect. From the Murphy Arts District and South Arkansas Arts Center to the South Arkansas Symphony Orchestra and the many annual events that come through town, El Dorado is rich in the arts.

Choose to live, play and work in El Dorado, Arkansas!

Moving to Arkansas can be a life-changing experience. If you’re looking for a new home for you or your family, experience all that El Dorado has to offer!